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Experience this truly magical, astonishing, one-of-a-kind, walking tour from the Capitol to the Washington Monument. It's American history that's fun, informative, and family entertainment! 

A professional magician, licensed DC tour guide, and multi-voiced storyteller mesmerizes you back in time to the dramatic birthing and first century of American representative democracy. Fast-paced, eye-popping, close-up magic with British gold sovereigns, colonial-era playing cards (taxed by those British!), US one-dollar and five-dollar bills, quarters, pennies -- they illustrate the guide's narrative -- and transform a Mall tour to time-travel from the days of Washington to Lincoln.

The Smithsonian Museum stop sparks protests from radical, animal puppets, chanting, "Hope Diamond, yes! Taxidermy, no!" But there's a hush at the finale -- a flag-waving salute to George Washington and the ringing of chimes at his Monument.

Time: approx. two hours. Adults: $25. Children under twelve: $15. (Ask for a free magic lesson! )


A licensed DC tour guide, history detective, and expert on the secret society, the Freemasons, leads a hunt for evidence of secret "hieroglyphics" embedded in the landscape, architecture, and streets of the National Mall -- from the Capitol to the Washington Monument. 

Aerial photos, Masonic tomes, and L'Enfant's map shed new light on encoded, Masonic symbols. And then -- suddenly -- you spy the mother of all Freemasonry designs -- larger than the Mall, itself  -- three miles long! All around you -- and on city maps -- "hidden in plain sight" for more than two centuries! The guide, a veteran journalist, has investigated Masonry on the Mall for two years. His scholarly research and documented findings are confirmed by Masons. Time: approx. two hours.


Ghost Tour of Georgetown

Alert! Entities of the once-rich-and-famous from the dark side of US history seek tourist-contact in shadowy, posh-Georgetown side streets. A "ghost detective"-slash-tour-guide seance opens a hidden portal to centuries-old haunts -- rowhouses, mansions, and a university's Exorcist Steps! Mischievous spirits make the creepy guide go on psychic binges -- like group mind-reading and metal bending. But don't run away. You'll miss the surprisingly upbeat and final, redemptive message from the other side -- how to make our here-and-now a bit more loving and joyful. Adults: $25. Children under ten: $15.

To reserve a tour day and time, contact licensed tour guide Andrew Baroch (pron: BA-rock), at 703-314-8455 and Testimonials available upon request.